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Artists passionate about growing together.  


birthing the creative

We've been exploring the deep waters of creativity together for the last year, and it's in this place of deep digging that we've found our artistic voice.  Since finding our artistic voice we've began to feel our hearts beat within our chests again, full of excitement.  We've found a way to create from the place that fills us rather then leaving us empty.  And this is the COMMUNITY we want to INVITE you into.  Come journey with us into the depths of your beautiful soul, the place where your art comes alive.   

Tamarah Hodgson

I am a wife, mother, daughter, friend and artist.  I passionately seek to be vulnerable in my creativity, and create from my depths.  I love loving people.   I am a co-owner and photographer with Tammy at Meraki + Light.  


Justyna Hunt

I am an Ontario native, who now lives on the prairies with my husband and beautiful baby boy. I am both a teacher and photographer, and I love to chase light while capturing couples and families. I also enjoy traveling and spending her time outdoors, especially in my garden!

Tammy Family NEW-Tammy Family NEW-0023.jpg

Tammy Zdunich

I am passionate about collaboration and following dreams. I always believe the best about people and am an early adopter of inspiring ideas.  I am co-owner and photographer with Tamarah at Meraki+Light.


Our Sacred Trust

We are a gathering of artists, committed to tending to one another.  We will celebrate each other’s victories, and we will encourage one another to try again when we fail.  We will honour our artistic voice and bring our whole self into all we create.  We believe our art is significant, and the world needs us to shine. 


Local Gatherings



YXE CREATIVES!!  We want YOU to join us.  We are passionate about building COMMUNITY, built on VULNERABILITY that's committed to pushing one another deeper in our ARTISTIC VOICES.  

What can you expect?

We are glad you asked!!  This is NOT about you learning to photograph like someone else, or paint like someone else, or write like someone else.  Very simply, we want to create a space where you can be inspired, discover the depths within your own heart, and find a place where you belong and are loved within community.  Our gatherings will consist of "rubbing shoulders" and "connecting" with other amazing creatives like yourself, creative outings or "expressions", and sometimes the presence of an amazing artist/business person to teach and push us farther ahead!  Lastly, our gatherings will include consuming DELICOUS food!!  

Sound like something you're up for?  Come join us around the table!


Instagram : @gatherandtend